Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy – unraveling their true brand.

Services: Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Video, Website

Date: November 2016


Marketing Strategy

Calanna had operated successfully for over 40 years in Queensland, yet their profile outside of their foundational city, Cairns, was low and industry changes in recent years had made the landscape far more challenging. Calanna did not have an engagement, communications or marketing function within their team and with the expansion of their services was challenging their focus, direction and engagement within their communities and among staff.

Inkbyte Communications were chosen to develop Calanna’s strategic engagement and marketing plan. In the process of researching the business, the industry, competitors and opportunities it became apparent that Calanna didn’t just need a strategy they needed an entire plan to refresh their position in the market. Sarah lead  a team of creatives to redesign: the Calanna logo and bran;, website; shop fit outs and signage; marketing assets including TV and Radio ads; create online channels and showcase an entirely new presence and experience in the market.  All ongoing with Calanna Wholehealth has been underpinned by the foundations of the strategy allowing Calanna to present an articulate, clear and visible picture of who they are, why they do what they do and what value they provide.


Not all businesses need to rebrand or refresh their brand when undertaking work to build a strategic marketing plan. However the plan itself is an excellent way to review your businesses and take an honest, evidenced based look at how the business is doing with their current brand position. Where a company have established consumer loyalty, there is very much a case to keep things the same. Yet where a business is realising it needs to enter new markets, diversify or tap into a target market that fits their business perfectly, but they have never chased, there is a case to rebrand or refresh their brand to get it right.  It does not have to be an expensive exercise and ultimately can save you money by stemming the flow of lost business you can experience when you aren’t hitting the mark.

In delving into the authentic story of the Calanna legacy it became evident that they had never owned or told their story. They were far more than your average chemist and their story was genuinely inspirational, yet they had always taken the limited view that they were just a pharmacy and had therefore only ever marketed themselves in that mould. This revelation presented an immediate and exciting opportunity.



One of the key strategy outcomes from Calanna Whole Health pharmacy was the development of a new website.

Inkbyte Communications managed the whole process of the developing website from start to finish including working with the developers, writing copy and providing guidance and advice on website content, imagery and style.

Social Media


While Calanna Pharmacy had been already using social media previously, there hadn’t been a detailed and planned strategy behind it. Sarah helped increase levels of customer engagement and helped to increase the social media following.

Inkbyte continues to work closely with Calanna staff to mentor, support and transfer skills and knowledge to help the group build internal capacity to manage their ongoing community engagement, communications and marketing needs. All outcomes were achieved to budget, on time and in line with agreed parameters.

Client satisfaction on this project was very high with a continued arrangement for ongoing communications, branding and marketing support currently in place.

Store refit and redesign

The existing pharmacy locations needed an updated in-store fitout to reflect the new brand. Inkbyte Communications helped all aspects of this store transformation from exterior building signage right through to in store layout, signs and overall style.