Integrated Stadium and Entertainment Centre - Community education and engagement campaign

Services: Strategy, Marketing, Social Media

Date: 2014 –  2016



Identified as the number one priority development project for Townsville North Queensland in the lead up to the state and federal elections, Townsville Enterprise appointed Empower to provide strategic and operational communication and stakeholder engagement services from 2014 through to 2016 for the stadium campaign.

The project was being run during a critical funding period in the lead up to both elections and was generating intense public and media commentary. The timeliness of delivering each phase the project was a critical component to its success given the primary objective was to secure enough community support to ensure it became a priority project to fund for all levels of government.
Inkbyte Communications was appointed to develop the communication, stakeholder engagement and marketing strategy. The strategy aimed to positively position the project within the broader narrative of the development of the city and region and highlight the immediate need for investment, jobs and growth. A stakeholder mapping process was conducted at the start of the project to ensure all relevant groups and influencers were understood and profiled. This included representative and advocacy groups, government departments and representatives, Cowboys fans, inner city traders, hoteliers, developers, community groups, sporting clubs, Cowboys partners and sponsors and the general public.

The strategy specifically addressed a tiered approach to reaching a wide variety of stakeholders with different drivers and levers and outlined targeted activities to collect and address any concerns, myths and frequently asked questions.

Inkbyte’s Strategy Included

  • An audit of all TEL and partner communication channels and comprehensive stakeholder mapping
  • The development of a three phased campaign strategy and implementation framework outlining how Townsville Enterprise could influence and demonstrate community support in order to achieve the necessary funding commitments from all levels of government
  • Implementation support, including social media management, media relations, marketing, engagement activities and events, government advocacy, partner relationship management and transfer of knowledge to TEL staff
  • Development and management of a digital strategy for TEL and partner digital assests to reach campaign audiences, provide channels to educate and engage and give audiences pathways to show their support, including comprehensive staff guidelines and a strategic consumer response matrix
  • Third party endorser partner strategy and management plan
  • Strategic and targeted content development, including a suite of marketing and educational materials for use online and during internal and external stakeholder engagement.

Key Outcomes

As a result, TEL was able to engage with key stakeholder groups, and also establish ongoing reach to various audience segments with nuanced and targeted messaging relating to the project. This helped them achieve an increase of 40% in community support in favour of the project and subsequent bipartisan support across all levels of government. This scaffolding remains in place for activation through the next phase of the project, the master planning and construct phase, and continues to underpin proactive communication with key stakeholders.

All work provided by Inkbyte for TEL was achieved within agreed budget parameters and timelines based on agreed hourly rates and consultant engagement.

Client satisfaction regarding this project was high.